1 de set de 2009

Yildiray Cinar talks Ravager

Yildiray Cinar took his time to talk with us about his work and his run on Ravager.

How did you get in on the comic book industry?

I started locally. I and bunch of friends banded together named as CAPA COMICS GROUP here in Turkey in 1997 and published over 40 issues of fanzine comic books. These books were also the first super hero comic line in Turkey. I learned a lot with this and these opened many doors to us locally and published offical stuff later including KARABASAN, IMAN LTD. and a giant archive book CAPA that collects our fanzine works from the past.

My first international gig was in 2001 in Digital Webbing Presents's issue 5 with a six page short story that lead to graphic novel "NOTHINGFACE" later in 2004. After that I did a pin-up and a back-up story in SAVAGE DRAGON and in 2007 I became the regular artist on NOBLE CAUSES.

Did you know Titans from the old days or is this your first foray into the characters?

Not much but I was always familiar with the characters from here and there. I also had a couple of issues from Wolfman/ Perez run. I started reading the book with GEOFF JOHNS' run clearly.

Could you share with us how you were invited to join with McKeever on Ravager's back up stories?

I did a small three page fill-in in Teen Titans 69 and editors at DC liked it. After that I drew the full issue in issue 71 which featured Ravager and I guess it made clear that I got portrayed the character right.

You've been making a great job on Ravager's stories. Could you share with us your feelings about her? How did you see her?

It's really great to hear from the fans that they enjoy my renderings on Ravager because I'm just warming up. Like I said, I wasn't very familiar with the character(s) and just getting into it lately. Ravager is a very cool character. Besides, her costume is making her cooler! She's tough! I'm very happy and feeling lucky to be picked to drawing her solo adventures.

Sean McKeever seems to enjoy the character. So, I'd like to know if you were already familiar with her?

I know Ravager a little from JOHNS's run and I thought she always had a potential to become a good character.

Could you share something that the future brings for the Rose?

The story is leading somewhere unexpected so keep reading! That's all I can say...

Do you have some personal projects? Could we know about them?

I started a project with JAY FAERBER just before I started to Teen Titans but it's on hold right now. We talked about a one shot or a limited series for the future but nothing's clear right now. My first plan is to jump on it as soon as I find time.

Your style is very dynamic! Which are your inspirations?

Neal Adams, Bill Sienkiewicz, Jack Kirby, Walter Simonson, Jorge Zaffino, John Buscema and Ivo Milazzzo are the names which comes to my mind first. I could write many names...:)

Would you like to send a message to the Brazilian fans?

Thanks for checking my work!!! :) I hope to meet you all someday! ABRAÇO!

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